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15th - 18th Jan£ 417
20th - 25th Jan£ 417
27th Jan - 1st Feb£ 417
3rd - 8th Feb£ 417
10th - 15th Feb£ 417
17th - 22nd Feb£ 417
24th Feb - 1st Mar£ 417
2nd - 7th Mar£ 660
9th - 14th Mar£ 660
16th - 21st Mar£ 660
23rd - 28th Mar£ 660
30th Mar - 4th Apr£ 660
6th - 11th Apr£ 660
13th - 18th Apr£ 660
20th - 25th Apr£ 660
27th Apr - 2nd May£ 660
4th - 9th May£ 660
11th - 16th May£ 660
18th - 23rd May£ 660
25th - 30th May£ 660
1st - 6th Jun£ 493
8th - 13th Jun£ 493
15th - 20th Jun£ 327
22nd - 27th Jun£ 327
29th Jun - 4th Jul£ 200
6th - 11th Jul£ 200
13th - 18th Jul£ 200
20th - 25th Jul£ 200
27th Jul - 1st Aug£ 200
3rd - 8th Aug£ 300
10th - 15th Aug£ 300
17th - 22nd Aug£ 417
24th - 29th Aug£ 417
31st Aug - 5th Sep£ 417
7th - 12th Sep£ 417
14th - 19th Sep£ 417
21st - 26th Sep£ 417
28th Sep - 3rd Oct£ 417
5th - 10th Oct£ 417
12th - 15th Oct£ 417

What our fishermen are saying.

Nothing quite compares to playing a fish on the fly on the estuary beat of the Garry. The scenery is quite stunning. The fish are deep-bodied and usually quite large. Many of the upper river pools are perfect for the fly angler and are just beautiful. I can’t think of a better river on which to have learnt the art of salmon fishing. I caught my first fish on the Garry, and I hope it’s where I catch my last. Simply stunning!

Dr Andrew Sage

The estuary beat of the River Garry affords the angler four small runs and pools in its upper stretch, followed by a two-hundred-yard stretch of open water varying in flow rate from fast tumbling water to a wide, steady outlet into the loch when they are generating. The opportunity to fish with long double-handed rods with heavy sinking tips to the lightest single-hander with floating lines. All this from flat, comfortable double banks amidst stunning wooded scenery, overlooked from a well-appointed fishing hut.

Peter Thomas

The River Garry is a very scenic and peaceful place to fish. It’s always beautiful whatever time of year. You will see plenty of wildlife about even if you’re just out for a walk. Loch Oich and the estuary are really stunning as well. If you are fishing the loch, you will see plenty of different types of boats going past, and the magnificent Ben Tee in the background.

Stephen Sage

It's a truly beautiful and exciting place. Having fished Loch Oich & the river Garry for 5 decades, every visit has me anticipating another, fish of a lifetime.

Lex Anderson